Career Coaching


As part of Cindy’s experience leading recruiting departments for over 10 years, she has reviewed thousands of resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews and hired dozens of employees of every level: VP, Director, Manager, Supervisor, and individual contributors in operational, technical, sales and support departments. Having worked side by side with CEOs and senior management, Cindy knows what hiring managers and HR are looking for and what motivates them to hire.


“With total compassion, she asked me what happened, how I was feeling – how refreshing to have an outside ear…The before and after of my resume was a game-changer. I landed an executive job with a top-notch agency within weeks – and her advice to me about interviewing and positioning my personal brand and negotiating was just priceless. Geez, I wish I had a Cindy Troianello in my life all of the time. She’s a life changer, and you don’t get the privilege of coming across too many of those in your lifetime.”

– Greer Bellomy, Division Vice President, ITA Group

Working together, Cindy can help you:

  • become clear on the path to pursue, if you are unsure*

  • write a winning resume

  • craft a killer cover letter that shows you are right for the job

  • effectively market yourself

  • confidently sell yourself in the interview**

  • negotiate your employment package

  • choose the type of champagne to celebrate your new job!

Recent clients include:

  • West Coast Regional VP of Sales

  • VP, Strategy and Operations

  • VP of HR

  • Director, Video Games Marketing & Strategy

  • Exec VP, Global Business Strategy & HR

  • VP, Production

  • Head of IT

  • Graphic Designer

  • Procurement Specialist

* Cindy has successfully changed focus in her career more than once and she will share with you effective processes to get you to the other side.

** Cindy teaches interview techniques based on consultative sales methods and the kind of preparation that really makes you stand out.

Working in the wrong job can suck your energy, deplete your productivity, destroy your attitude and health, and it’s just no fun at all. Working in the right job with the right people increases your energy, productivity, attitude, creativity and personal wealth. Trying to change your situation alone can be difficult, isolating and take a toll on you financially and emotionally. Working with Cindy, you’ll get effective career strategies, a thought partner, and a supportive, well-connected professional who has your best interests top of mind and will help you open the door to a great new job.