Executive Coaching


It is not possible for us to see ourselves as other people see us or to really know our impact on others. Coaching with an experienced advisor helps us see our blind spots and gain a highly valuable outside perspective on our actions, attitudes and behaviors so we can become more successful and achieve our professional goals. Work is complicated. Navigating the politics, relationships, and land mines while doing our best technical and operational work is not easy. Cindy works with leaders as a trusted, unbiased partner with no agenda except to help them be their best.

Working with highly intelligent and successful business leaders, I have seen even the best get tripped up. Working with a trusted and knowledgable advisor behind the scenes, you can avoid the pitfalls, stay focused and keep moving forward.

– Cindy Troianello


“Cindy is a fantastic coach. She brings a truly unique blend of leadership experience to the table: finance, human resources, and board work in non-profit and corporate environments. Together we work on a variety of topics such as goal setting and planning, navigating difficult interpersonal issues in the workplace, and communication. I trust Cindy’s judgement implicitly. Her coaching makes me a much better leader.”

– Lauren S., President of Non-Profit Board 

“It was a pleasure working with Cindy Troianello.  She has strong executive coaching skills that I found to be very effective.  Her advice really helped me fine tune my leadership qualities and I would recommend Cindy to anyone of my piers seeking to improve their leadership and communication skills.”

- SVP of Major Movie Studio

“My work with Cindy focused on effective communication and actively managing my organization’s perceptions of me. With Cindy’s guidance, I was able to significantly improve as a leader through improved communication to my team and to senior leaders. These skills, as well as other techniques enabled me to more actively engage my team and foster a positive work environment.”

 - Department Head,  Leading Travel Services Company

For 15+ years, Cindy has been:

  • developing high-potential employees

  • improving limiting behaviors

  • acting as a sounding board and thought partner

  • improving leadership and team performance

As a result of her coaching, leaders:

  • make better decisions

  • take action with more confidence

  • advance leadership skills

  • elicit better performance from their staff

  • improve communication and relationships

  • resolve interpersonal conflicts

  • develop better judgment

  • reduce stress