Managers are hungry to know more and perform better but they need help. Cindy’s training on leadership, communication, conflict resolution and critical business skills make their jobs easier and their departments run smoother. She uses her 20+ years of experience as a trusted internal business partner and outside consultant to create interactive, engaging and enjoyable training experiences that leaders understand, remember and apply. They become more effective and immediately contribute at a higher level. Cindy has led groups of 6-600.


“Cindy gets the class participating, which makes the material so much more engaging, fun and meaningful! She’s got extensive business experience and uses spot-on examples…I left knowing exactly how to apply it in my work. Cindy has a passion for training and her enthusiasm is infectious – I highly recommend her courses!”

– Carmen S. Campeas, Esq.

  • Effective Communication: Understanding behavioral styles to deliver your message for its greatest impact

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations: Resolve tricky issues with win-win outcomes: use with staff, boss, co-workers, family, etc.

  • Creating Killer Teams: Improve trust, communication & understanding to make your teams more productive

  • Creating Change Advocates

  • Run Effective and Efficient Meetings

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Time Management - Get a lot more done in a lot less time

  • Organization Skills - More organized, more productive

  • Negotiating - Get more of what you want more often. (This is not sales training.)

  • How to Network Like a Pro

  • Financial Essentials Intro: Staff “own” their jobs if they see the big picture; Key financial terms, concepts, & reports

  • Welcome to Human Resources: An overview of the HR function: Useful for 1.) managers who need to perform HR duties, 2.) to develop junior HR staff, and 3.) the workforce to understand, partner with, and appreciate HR

Cindy trains on:


  • Performance Management Best Practices: Master these 10 steps to become an awesome manager: Decide, Assign, Check in, Motivate, Adjust, Review, Develop, Discipline, Document, and maybe…Terminate

  • Writing and Delivering Performance Reviews That Adjust Performance and Motivate Employees

  • Delivering Feedback / Adjusting Performance: How to provide feedback that will make them want to improve

  • How to Receive Feedback that Impresses your Boss and Increases your Career Success

  • Developing Staff - Beyond Classrooms & Seminars. Fold into everyday work for very low cost

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • A Coaching Approach to Managing: Engaging and guiding over telling and controlling

  • Leadership Competencies: What the most successful leaders do and how they act

  • Delegation: Get more done, develop your staff, gain loyalty…and go home a little earlier

  • Motivating Your Team so They Want to Come to Work

  • Breaking up is Hard to Do: How to terminate so they don’t hate you, don’t sue you, & you don’t hate yourself