Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Harassment prevention training can be as mind-numbing as it sounds, or it can be, as I present it, engaging, entertaining and informative. I love getting a room talking, working together, having fun…and the sneaky thing is, they actually learn along the way. I know they do, because when they play the review game at the end – they get the answers right!
– Cindy Troianello


“I’ve taken a lot of these trainings – this is the best one I’ve attended!”
– Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Biotech Company

“Cindy’s Workplace Taboo game is inspired.”
– Director, 150 person start-up

“I was wondering what was going on with everyone laughing and having fun in the conference room.”
– Staff member who took the later training   

The elements of my training are:

  • an easy-to-absorb slide show, with bright colors and loads of pictures

  • funny and interesting short videos

  • engaging exercises

  • contests and games

  • group discussion

  • a bright, straight-forward presentation

  • real-world examples from my experience leading HR departments

  • confident, clear delivery

  • off the cuff funny comments that draw the audience in

    My style is friendly, energetic and inviting. I am passionate about providing an engaging experience where people connect, laugh and learn.     

7 Benefits of In-person Training

  1. Get it done, all together, fast and easy. No herding managers (or staff), chasing after them for months, brow-beating them to “please, do the training already!”

  2. Provide a truly fun and engaging experience. They forget they “have” to be there.

  3. Staff think through the issues together, and really learn how to appropriately behave in the workplace. Proof? They talk about it in the lunchroom later. (Ever hear staff discuss their on-line training…ever?)

  4. Break down departmental silos – employees share the experience. They interact, hear from each other, learn what others feel is welcome or not.

  5. For 2 hours managers get absorbed in the topic. They ask questions and get answers. That doesn’t happen in front of a computer screen.

  6. Staff appreciate that you cared enough to provide an enjoyable experience for them, instead of requiring yet another compliance chore.

  7. Gain an extra defense if ever needed – you didn’t just check the compliance box (harassment training – done), you made sure your team actually learned from a subject matter expert.